Tennessee State University Alum LaVita Tuff on Baltimore’s Future on NPR

LaVita Tuff works with the local policy team to improve online access to government information. Her work focuses on analyzing and writing about government data disclosure in addition to providing feedback on adoption and implementation of open data, open meetings and open government policies at the state and municipal levels.

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Tennessee State University Research Astronomy teams helps find planetary system 54 light years from Earth

A ground based search for exoplanets featuring a new computer-run planet hunter has located a system of three “super Earths” orbiting a Sun-like star about 54 light years from Earth.

The team of astronomers who made the discovery used the Doppler method, in which “wobbles” resulting from the gravitational pull of orbiting planets on the parent star are measured.

That star, HD7924, is visible to the naked eye in the sky of Earth’s northern hemisphere.

All three planets are approximately six to seven Earth masses and orbit HD7924 closer than Mercury orbits our Sun, with periods of five, 15, and 24 days.

The research team, which included scientists from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa; the University of California at Berkeley; the University of California Observatories, and Tennessee State University, found the planets using three ground-based telescopes–the Automated Planet Finder (APF) Telescope at Lick Observatory in California; the W. M. Keck Observatory on Maunakea, Hawaiʻi, and the Automatic Photometric Telescope (APT) at Fairborn Observatory in Arizona.

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The Night Dr. Levi Watkins Saved The Flash

Photo Credit: comicbookmovie.com

I am an avid watcher of the comic book films and TV shows. As we mourn the loss of Dr. Levi Watkins Jr. who died suddenly on Friday, it was a treat to be reminded of the impact of his invention, the defibrillator.

In last night Flash episode, The Flash was seriously injured by a poisonous bee. His suit contained a defibrillator which brought The Flash Back to Life!

It is great to know that Dr. Watkins Jr. can save real lives and super heroes lives! Rest In Peace Dr. Watkins!

Tennessee State Alum helps Immigrant helps others adjust to new life in Nashville

That’s where Hassan fell in love with the idea of helping other new Americans, and he went to Tennessee State University to get a degree in political science. His entire college tuition was paid for with a few grants and two part-time jobs.

Since graduating, Hassan has started a consulting company to help other new Americans, and he has purchased a coffee shop where fellow Africans gather. Hassan spends many hours outside work helping those who have recently immigrated to Nashville.

“My favorite part of coming to America – leaving a place where there were no options in life, coming to a place that is increasingly challenging and rewarding at the same time,” he said.

“Here, despite challenges, you are the driver of your destiny.”

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