From Sharecroppers’ Son To College’s Gatekeeper

 Tennessee State University alum David L. Evans has helped Harvard University dramatically increase their black enrollment. Please read more on his story and how TSU inspired his drive for greatness.

Senior Admissions Officer David L. Evans attended his portrait unveiling at the Fogg Art Museum’s Naumburg Room last May. The event was sponsored by the Harvard Foundation, where he is a member of the Board of Directors.

As he stood in the Naumberg room of the Fogg Art Museum this May, next to a portrait of his likeness that now graces the walls of Harvard University, Senior Admissions Officer David L. Evans seemed a long way from his childhood home.

The son of two sharecroppers who had six years of education between them, Evans was orphaned by the age of 16. But his parents’ untimely deaths did not prevent them from inspiring their seven children with a message that would send them on paths to great success.

Tennessee State University 1965 Grantland Rice Bowl

This is an amazing treat. This is the first live video footage of Eldridge Dickey playing football for Tennessee State University.

NFL Hall of Famer Claude Humphrey #75 can be seen on both offense and defense.

The Aristocrat of Bands can also be seen in the video. There is no sound for halftime.

The final score was TSU 14 Ball St. 14

TSU Alum Jackson-Ayotunde Heads Pharmaceutical Path

Since joining the faculty at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) School of Pharmacy in 2010, Dr. Patrice L. Jackson-Ayotunde has won recognition for exemplary research and teaching. Last May, the Office of Technology Commercialization at the University of Maryland, College Park presented Jackson-Ayotunde, a recent UMES pharmacy school graduate, an Invention of the Year Award recognizing the research the pharmaceutical sciences professor has led in developing medication to treat epilepsy. In addition, Jackson-Ayotunde’s fellow faculty members selected her for the UMES Promising Scholar Award last year.

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Dr. Jackson Ayotunde completed her Masters degree in Organic Chemistry in 2003 at Tennessee State University.