FlashBlack: TSU Alum appointed as Black Church Studies Director

Brite appoints director of Black Church Studies program

By Elise Smith
Posted January 29, 2009


The new director for the Black Church Studies program at Brite Divinity School stood out among the other candidates because of her strong academic background, the dean of Brite Divinity School said.

Nancy Ramsay, executive vice president and dean of Brite Divinity School, said that Keri Day, the new director, also showed confidence in the fields of Black Church Studies, literature and theological ethics.

“Day was active all her life in the Black Church,” Ramsay said. “She brings an appreciation for life in the church and came strongly recommended by every scholar we approached.”

Day, a member of the Church of God, is currently a Ph.D student and is finishing her dissertation at Vanderbilt University, said Rodney Thomas Jr., an office assistant for the Black Church Studies program.

Day said that she will assume the director position in time for the start of the fall 2009 semester.

She said she studied political science and economics as an undergraduate at Tennessee State University and received a master’s in religion and ethics at Yale University.

More from www.tcu360.com.


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