TSU Athletic gear? What would you buy?

The TSU Athletic Department is looking into the possibility of selling those new TSU football gloves. They want to know what else would alumni be interested in purchasing from Athletics. You can select 3 options listed in the poll and feel free to add suggestions to the list. I will turn this data back into the proper people.

If you select other please leave a comment on what you would like!!!


3 thoughts on “TSU Athletic gear? What would you buy?

  1. A heavy cotton jersey style t-shirt would be cool. Jersey style t-shirts don’t have a single seam on the shoulders, there are no seams on the shoulder at all they are cut on the style of a football jersey.

    I remember seeing an old picture of TSU students in a boat/canoe on a small pond that used to be in the area where the Grad building and old School of Business sit. For some reason it got filled in. Anyway, the guys in the picture had on these vintage style crewneck sweaters that had a T in the middle and the sleeves had two white stripes. I always thought it would be cool to bring that sweater back in various styles (crewneck, v-neck, etc.) even a long sleeve t-shirt with a slight v-neck would be cool.

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