TSU Alum Highlight: Nate Cameron Jr. (Suave)

Independent soul artist and Tennessee State University alum, Suave, will release the first single from his latest project, The Feel Good Movement, on iTunes Thursday, February 23, 2012. “Heaven,” a groovy, uplifting track featuring funky, Jazz infused production by Miles Felix, is Suave’s ode to anyone and everything that make moments of paradise-on-earth possible.

“Your Heaven can be your spouse, your child, your passion,” Suave explains. “Whatever makes you happiest and gets you through your day, this song celebrates that.”

Here is a live track called Crescent City Soul

Upbeat yet smooth, this addition to The Feel Good Movement fits in perfectly among other original tunes meant to transport listeners back to a time when music provided a safe haven and respite from the stresses of everyday life. “I just wanted to create something that everyone can enjoy. No barriers, no demographics; if you love good music, then this single, the entire Feel Good Movement, is for you.”

Get more information on Suave, music downloads, and performance date by becoming a fan  Suave Facebook

You may here and enjoy Suave Music on the link below.

ITUNES Purchase Link:

“Heaven” Soundcloud


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