TSU Alum Releases Jazz/Neo-Soul CD

Sultry jazz-infused soul singer breathes new life to the music scene

Jamille “JAM” Hunter did not simply dream of being a jazz vocalist, she envisioned herself becoming one.

Much of making one’s dreams come true is putting in the work to actualize them and so Ms. Hunter lived, moving from California to Japan, then back to California before settling in Memphis, Tennessee. Once there, the culmination of times being hard and living being easy began to manifest into the forthcoming release of her debut album, In the Sun (scheduled to hit iTunes and Amazon Friday, March 16). In the city known for the blues, Ms. Hunter is bringing back the sultry sounds of jazz-infused soul, reminiscent of those divas that performed in the Cotton Club and Lenox Lounge in years gone by.

Like many young women, she grew up in the church and performed in the choir. She and 2 of her siblings were also in the marching and jazz bands. Her mother Marilyn played piano and sang constantly. Singing was a weekly, sometimes daily, activity in her home. Upon graduating from Tennessee State University, Ms. Hunter packed up and headed west, which was not the best place for a budding jazz musician in the era of hip hop, “gangsta” rap, and studio-created girl-groups, but Ms. Hunter (then Freeman) created a pathway for herself.

Read more at Loop21.org: No Blues For Memphis Singer Jamille “JAM” Hunter, She’s Bringing Neo-Jazz

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