2nd Installment TSU 100 Healthy Tips

Hey Alums,

The illustrious, elegant and soulful Jada Right is gracing 28&J with her wisdom on getting and staying healthy for the 100. There are 4 weeks left for the 100.

Before we know it, the highly anticipated Tennessee State University Centennial Celebration will be upon us.  Certainly, we all want to be at our absolute best in every aspect of our lives, as we re-visit the “Land of Golden Sunshine”.  Listed below are just a few of many ways that you can improve your nutrition, build your immune system, lose weight, save money, go green, and invest in our beloved institution, so that you can celebrate this Tiger Life in 2012 and beyond.  Researchers say it takes anywhere between 30 and 90 days to create a habit. Select a few of these to create a habit of excellence, in time for Homecoming Week.  

1st Installment


21. Master a new skill

22. Take pictures

23. Tell stories

24. Practice random acts of kindness

25. Thank the president

26. Use natural hair and skin care products

27. Take the stairs

28. Eliminate fried foods

29. Smile 

30. Drink green tea

31. Buy fresh over frozen; buy frozen over canned

32. Eat smaller portions

33. Get an accountability partner

34. Avoid foods that come in a box

35. Workout in the morning to make healthier choices all day

36. Eat more fish, less red meat

37. Floss 

38. Read and understand food labels

39. Buy a bookstore gift card for a student

40. Eat local honey

More on Jada

About the Author: Wellness expert, writer and educator, Jada Wright is a proud 1998 graduate of Tennessee State University.  She is an occupational therapist and the owner of One Touch Wellness, Inc., located in Atlanta, GA, where she provides in-home fitness, massage therapy, yoga, nutrition, and rehabilitation services to women. The former TSU cheerleader is an active member of TSUNAA’s Atlanta Chapter, part-time nutrition nut, fitness enthusiast and TSU Tiger sports fan for life. For more details about any information provided, she may be contacted at jada@onetouchwellness.org, befriended on Facebook or followed on Twitter and Tumblr


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