Update TSU WorldClass Tiger Bintu Njie

Here is another installment of from 28&J of World Class Tigers!!! Bintu Njie is currently on a 5 month world tour. She will give you insights on food and great places to visit.

March 25, 2012

Clean Your Plate!

That’s what I was told I would have to do or I would have to pay for the food I did not eat. Crazy right. So I went out to this restaurant in Manila and the food was ok. The dish had a lot of rice so I did not eat all of it. Once I was ready to pay, the waitress came over and said we have to charge you for another plate since you did not eat everything. Y’all know I was not down with that. I told Iher that I did not want it and she said the sign says no left overs. I did not see that sign before they sat me and I sure as hell did not know what that meant. So we discussed it a little more and she sought her manager out who said just eat the rice and we won’t charge you extra. That’s when I was like let me reiterate no! Finally after 10 minutes of discussion I paid for my one meal and rolled. Crazyest thing I have ever experienced.



Bintu Njie is a Tennessee State University alum who finished in 2000 with her BS in Political Science. She currently resides in Washington, DC.

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