TSU Historic Figures: Avon Williams

Let us Always Remember Individual’s Sacrifices

Avon Williams, 72, Lawyer Who Fought To End Segregation

Published: August 31, 1994

Avon N. Williams Jr., a civil rights lawyer and former State Senator in Tennessee, died on Monday at Meharry-Hubbard Hospital in Nashville. He was 72.

Elected to the State Senate in 1968, he was one of the first blacks to serve in that body since the Civil War. As a Senator, he pressed to put guidance counselors in elementary schools, to make kindergarten classes mandatory and to build a new football stadium for Tennessee State University. He retired from the Legislature in 1990 and was named legislator of the year by the Black Caucus in 1991.



One thought on “TSU Historic Figures: Avon Williams

  1. Grayfred B. Gray, Emeritus Associate Professor of Law, University of Tennessee College of Law on said:

    Avon N. Williams, Jr., was a great man and a great leader. We need more men and women like him. He was a major hero in the fight for civil rights for black Americans and poor white Americans and all people of color. His courage was breath taking. He was a vigorous truth teller.

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