Scholarship Named After TSU Alum Charles James Bate, MD

In 2008, Cultivating Aspiring Leaders established the Charles James Bate, M.D. Chairman’s Scholarship to honor, encourage, and financially assist exemplary students who are committed to providing healthcare services and education to underserved communities upon graduation, while honoring the legacy of Charles James Bate, M.D.

A well-known physician in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dr. Charles James Bate practiced medicine for 50 years, primarily serving Tulsa’s African American community. Born in Castalian Springs, Tennessee, Dr. Bate graduated from Tennessee A&I, later named Tennessee State University, in 1934 and Meharry Medical College, an institution about which he always spoke fondly, in 1938. In 1940, Dr. Bate moved to Tulsa and became one of about sixteen African American physicians serving the then-segregated north side of Tulsa.


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