Support TSU Alum film “He Aint Heavy”

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Support jeff obafemi carr, in his new movie landmark film called He Ain’t Heavy. He has 27 days left to raise $10,000. Please support.


In the Spring of 2011, five young college students, Charles Starnes, Hannibal Barca Davis, Robert Johnson, Bodine Gabriel, and Horace Theelder, began the pledge process for one of the most prestigious African-American Fraternities in existence. A Graduate Film Student and Fraternity member Thomas “Doc” Hayes, captured their journey on video as part of an academic documentary that was never meant to be shared outside of the fraternity. Weeks into the process, an early-morning 911 call led police to a high school football field, where they discovered the body of one of the Pledges. It was determined to be a Death-By-Hazing. The Grad Student had disappeared with his camera and weeks of condemning footage. Months later, that footage found its way to Director jeff obafemi carr, who is releasing it to the world as the movie titled He Ain’t Heavy.

What began as project to support black fraternity life has suddenly become the tool that could transform, forever, the system of Fraternity Initiation.

Give Financially Here


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