In Memoriam: TSU Alum Dr. Robert D. Miller

Dr Robert D. Miller

March 22, 1931 – May 10, 2012

 Life Legacy

Born to his loving parents, Doris Cox Miller and Dr. Robert D. Miller Sr., Robert Dan Miller, Jr. came into the world on Sunday March 22, 1931 in Helena, AR. While growing up, Robert loved playing with his older sisters Maxine and Doris Ann. Later, he would spend time taking care of and bonding with his beloved brother, Granville.

After finishing a couple years in the Army stationed in Korea, Robert returned stateside and enrolled in graduate school at Tennessee “A&I” (now known as Tennessee State University).  A&I was a significant juncture in Robert’s life because it was there that he met his wife and soul mate, Trudy Lester.  On their first date, New Years Eve 1962, Robert told Trudy that he was going to marry her. She laughed, but Robert’s prediction proved to be true.  Robert and Trudy were married on his birthday, March 22, 1963. 



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