TSU Alum Highlight: Tiger Shark Eddie Kirk

Eddie Kirk (not pictured)  is an ISHOF African Descent Swimmers Honoree

By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.
Originally posted 5/17/2012

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — In celebration of the accomplishments that swimmers of African descent have made in the sport and other water related activities, The International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF) chose several venues to celebrate these accomplishments during last week.

DuSable  High School was a colored school that created some of the finest swimmers in the nation in the 1930’s through the 1950’s, when Blacks had few opportunities to be swimmers. Eddie Kirk (Not pictured), DuSable’s greatest swimmer and the first documented Interscholastic All-American swimmer of African descent, accepted the award. Kirk won the Illinois State High School Championships in the 150 Individual Medley in 1950. Still an active Masters Swimmer and coach in the Tampa area, Kirk swam for Tennessee State University and the U.S. Armed Forces team in Europe.

I am extremely grateful to accept this awards, said a calm demeanored Kirk who also recognized one of his teammate and friend who had joined him from California.


1954 Article on Tiger Sharks

White Wash Documentary on the History of African Descent Swimmers

3 thoughts on “TSU Alum Highlight: Tiger Shark Eddie Kirk

  1. As a former Tiger shark (64-67) It would be nice to have some evidence of our contribution to the athletic stable of TSU (Tenn A&I State). Do the records of swim meet competition still exist?

    • That is a good question. I am sure those records are kept somewhere in the athletics office. They should be open to the public. TSU needs a museum!

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