TSU Alum Phyllis Qualls Brooks gives tips for Women in Businesses

Women in Business: Don’t be a martyr, say yes to yourself

Nashville Business Journal by Phyllis Qualls-Brooks, Guest Blogger

Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 1:05pm CDT

Earlier this month, I attended the May luncheon of CABLE, a women’s networking organization. Derek Young, a motivational speaker, gave the keynote address.

Two issues in Young’s discussion resonated with me: women being martyrs and their innate intuition. This article will focus on the martyr aspect, while I’ll focus on women’s intuition in a later post.


Dr. Robin Oatis-Ballew,  psychologist and professor at Tennessee State University, was quoted in the article: “affirmed that self-care and boundaries are important for women. Women who are overloaded and overwhelmed can learn to identify the harm to their overall health and well-being and change their habits.”

Here Dr. Robin Oatis-Ballew speak on Coping With Infertility 2

Video Link


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