Support TSU Alum Dr. Shuntae Williams in Myotropics Fitness Model Photo Contest

Name:  Dr. Shuntae Williams
Class: Class of  00’
Occupation:  Scientist
Hometown:  Graysville, AL
Current city of Residence:  San Diego, CA
How long have you been training,  What got you interested in training?  
I have always considered myself an athlete. As an avid marathoner, I decided to take my physique to the next level.  In July 2011, I started working with a trainer, IFBB Pro Meriza Deguzman-Ciconne, and my goal was to have a more defined physique……10 weeks later, I competed in my first figure competition where I placed 2nd in my class.   This year I have competed in 2 shows placing in the top 5 and 10 spots in my class, I am working hard to make improvements to compete in another show later in the year.
2) Why do you love TSU?
I love TSU because it truly introduced me to endless possibilities and a sense of identity.   Countless memories and experiences during my maturation at TSU have definitely played a huge role in my life both personally and professionally.

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