TSU Alum Highlight Globetrotter Mel Davis

Hardwood, is, first and foremost, the personal journey of director Hubert Davis. He sets out to find out why his father, former Harlem Globetrotter Mel Davis, made the decisions that so shaped Hubert’s own life. And Hubert knows exactly whom to ask — Megan, his white mother, who fell in love with Davis in the 1960s, when racism seemed to make a marriage impossible; Mary Etta, the black woman Davis eventually married; Hubert’s older half-brother, Mawuli, whom he didn’t know until he was 11; and, most importantly, the basketball-playing and coaching old man himself.

Film Description

I was really lucky to get with the Globetrotters. And I mostly got there because of coming out of Tennessee State University. Most of the guys with the Globetrotters then was from Tennessee State, which had a quality of basketball players I couldn’t explain. They always had a basketball tradition at Tennessee State. And the guys who was coaching and doing some of the management with the Globetrotters was from Tennessee State and so I was lucky.




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