TSU LP field Homecoming Parking Problem

Attention TSU Family: it has been brought to my attention that while directing traffic, Nashville Metro Police has placed blame on Tennessee State University in regards to all of the Parking Lots being “full” at Saturday’s Homecoming game, stating that “they oversold the lots!” Due to this matter, a NUMBER of our fans (who purchased ADVANCED parking passes) had to park at a different location, having to pay AGAIN! I myself was told that Parking Lot R was full and had to park somewhere else, however, I was able to get in the lot and observed that there was still PLENTY of parking in the back of Lot R, as well as parking available in the Main Lot (A, B, D)! Also, there was a lot that they DID NOT even open (Lot P), which would have provided additional parking.

As an employee of Tennessee State University (TSU Ticket Office), I sincerely apologize to ANYONE who had an issue with parking this weekend! Tennessee State University WAS NOT in any way responsible for this unfortunate mishap and I’m sure the University will address this matter!

– From a TSU Ticket Office Employee


Please feel free to list some problems that you had, and 28 & Jefferson will make sure that those complaints get into the right hands.


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