Welcome TSU Hoops Recruit Ryan Townes


We would be remiss to exclude Rhyan Townes (2013) of Arlington High in Arlington, TN, just outside of Memphis. He was part of an incredible contingent of 10 Memphis-area players, all of whom performed very well on Day One of the camp. He’s a baller with a very high basketball IQ, adept at finding ways to use his long frame (6’4″, 180, wingspan in excess of 6’6″) to impact games in multiple ways.

He’ll get a key board or steal, finish strong on the break with either hand, or drain a clutch triple, anything to keep his team in the game. His mid-range game continues to improve. He suffered an injury as a freshman and has endured various calamities that have kept him under the radar. But look for him to star for one of our darkhorse choices as contenders in the Memphis-metropolitan area this winter.




Townes Major Sports Profile 





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