1st Annual Big Blue Centennial Giveaway a Success

65 Alumni Participated in the 1st Annual Big Blue Giveaway organized by former Mr. Tennessee State University(2002-2003) Charles Galbreath, a 2004 Business Administration graduate.

The idea originated because he, “Personally, I thought about this year being the centennial; a very special time in my beloved Alma Mater’s history. I wanted to do something that expressed my appreciation for TSU and my experience there.”

Mr. Galbreath posed this idea as a status on facebook, and received an overwhelming response of people who not only thought it was a good idea…but, they also wanted to participate. This went from an idea to an invitation to give.

The giveaway was not intended to be an event…It’s purpose was to be a span of giving; a mass blessing.. Participating Alumni were chalenged to do the following:
*Prepare a plentiful Gift Basket, Write a Check, Gather Cash, and/or a sizeable Gift Card (Suggested amount $100)
* Choose an unsuspecting student in the dorm or TSU location of your choice to present your giveaway item to! (Giveaway span:September 26th- September 30th)
* Get the student’s contact information, and give them yours. Stay in contact with them until they graduate.

It is the hopes of all who Alumni who participated to get a new generation of Alumni comfortable with giving, and connecting with the undergraduates.

Here are some photos from the event:

Please Checkout their facebook page to see even more photos of this year’s event and to become active next year.

Big Blue Centennial Giveway Facebook Page


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