TSU HOMECOMING – PHASE II: Last Game in Hale Stadium


From the creators of the TSU Atlanta Celebrations @ Loca Luna, Cafe’ Circa, and 255 Tapas Lounge, we present to you…..

It’s time to rally up the BIG BLUE troops to support our undefeated Tiger Football Team in THE HOLE!!! It’s been 14 years since we played in the Hole, and we want to be there to re-live the magic!! Save your time and gas money, and cruise with some of the LIVEST Tigers in ATL! Reserve your seat ASAP! One day trip!Depart Atlanta (West End Mall) @ 8:00am
Arrive Atlanta (West End Mall) @ 10:00pmCost: $70 (Includes: Transportation, Snacks, Tailgate, and Spirits)
**feel free to bring snacks or beverages of your choice**

BBQ will be served in the parking lot (TAILGATE!!!)

All proceeds will be donated to the TSU Foundation Scholarship Fund.

Please RSVP if interested and share this link. All payments due by Saturday, Oct. 20th!


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