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FREEDOM’S SOUL …..the Evolution: recording project

Bass Vocalist Jonathan Blanchard is back in the studio with live musicians creating a whole new sound, and he needs your help.

Jonathan Blanchard is a Bass-Vocalist /Educator /Songwriter/Activist/Actor. For the past ten years he has taken pleasure in presenting the history, artistry, and traditions of the Negro-Spiritual  to students of all ages, all over the country.  Through interactive workshops, concerts, and a one-man show, students have been given the rare opportunity to explore the Spiritual and all the history that comes along with it.

Blanchard has recently embarked on a new recording project, and since it has to be radio-ready at completion, I won’t be cutting any corners.  The new album will be titled “Freedom’s Soul….the Evolution”.  In order to make this project the success that it should be, I will need your help.  I need you in the trenches with me.  Come, and be apart of creating a new sound and preserving the history of the Negro-Spiritual.

How Your Donation will be Utilized

Your donation will go towards the production of a radio-quality album that will be distributed all over the world.  The bulk of the expenses will include production, mixing, mastering, duplication, environmentally safe packaging, distribution, and musicians, since the album will be recorded with live, vintage instruments.  With our own investment we have already started the process, and will need at least $7,000.00 to accomplish our goal.  If we raise more money than the set goal, we will try to squeeze in a video. We expect the final project to be complete by the middle of December 2012 just in time for stocking stuffers.

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