Questions For The Tennessee State University Presidential Candidates

Through all the years of waiting, we finally know who are the finalist for the Office of President for our beloved alma mater. All of them have unique, diverse, and wealth of expertise that would benefit TSU. I definitely look forward to the campus visits that will take place on October 29 – November 1, 2012.

There will be a variety of forums where the candidates will be able to introduce themselves. These events will be streamed live on the TBR’s website so there no excuse for alumni and supporters not to be engaged with the process.

Below are a few questions that I would love for each candidate to have to answer. If you have any please feel free to add comments below.

1)What will be your student recruitment strategy?

2) What locations will you target for out of state students and in state students?

3) What kind of skills or qualities are you looking for in students?

4) How do you plan to engage alumni in the process of recruitment?

Our Alumni giving to our endowment is currently hovering around 3%.

5) What strategies will you use to engage alumni in giving?

6) How do you plan to educate alumni and supporters on the importance of endowment building?

7) What strategies and tools do you plan to implement to raise money for the endowment?

8) What industries or people  new or old do you plan to solicit for donations?

9) How will you train your fundraising team on new strategies for outreach and engagement?

10) With our alumni giving at 3%, what will be your yearly target goals for increasing alumni giving as well as total amount?

11) What academic programs do you plan to promote and what are some new programs you would like to add?

12) What will be your marketing and PR strategy to enhance the school’s image?

13) Our strategic plan needs to be updated. What ideas, suggestions, and policies would you suggest to the planning committee?

To Be Continued

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