TSU 2011 vs 2012 Home attendance: The Hole Effect?

2011: All Home Games at LP Field

John Merritt Classic vs Southern ATTENDANCE: 25,209


Homecoming vs UT Martin ATTENDANCE: 19,537

Nov 19 Jacksonville St ATTENDANCE: 6,137

Total 57117  Attendance Avg: 14279


2012 Season Centennial Season

John Merritt Classic vs FAMU ATTENDANCE:15,652

vs APSU ATTENDANCE: 14,264 @Hale Stadium

Homecoming vs Pine Bluff ATTENDANCE: 31,765

vs EKU ATTENDANCE: 8,900 @ Hale Stadium

vs Tenn Tech ATTENDANCE: 11,373 @Hale Stadium

Total 82,932  Attendance Avg: 16586


Based off the numbers, there was no significant difference in the average number of attendance for 2011 and 2012. There were more in numbers in 2012 because of 5 home games being played.

The games at Hale Stadium did provide for a better game atmosphere for TSU supporters. The OVC home games still had similar attendance for both seasons.

Further information will be obtained once the revenue figures are presented for the 2012 season. We know when we use LP Field, that their is a fee of 130K for use of the stadium and also a 30K cleaning fee for each game. When we use LP field, we do get the revenues from the gate, concessions, and parking.

Those revenue options are unfortunately limited at Hale Stadium. We did receive revenue from ticket sales. There was a limited area for charge parking spaces, and Aramark sold the food for concessions.

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