[Commentary] The SWAC offer

Why are we even listening?
There is no secret that the SWAC has heavily recruited TSU for the past several years. We turned down their invitation a few years back. Now, it appears, one of the first official items on Dr. Glover’s agenda is to deal with the SWAC question.

I know people are getting nostalgic about having the ability to play some of our traditional rivals. The camaraderie, rivalries and fan support from those times make considering joining the SWAC tempting.  Here is a comment in support of TSU leaving for the SWAC:

I attended TSU and saw first hand the lack of community support for TSU athletics. Nashville loves TSU but has no interest in seeing the schools that TSU competes with. Nobody cares about schools like Appalachian State or S.E.MO. Many people in Nashville have never saw teams like Grambling, Southern and Texas Southern. I lived in Jackson MS for a few years and saw how the entire state rallies around their team. I was literally shocked to see the level of pride and support. I’m sure this is in part to being in an all black conference. If TSU joined the SWAC it would not only generate more money but create a stronger pride for the school by the city and black community in Nashville.

In 2013, however, joining the Southwestern Athletic Conference would not be in TSU’s best interest. The SWAC has the lowest Ratings Percentage Index (RPI) in NCAA football. Though they tout being the unofficial NCAA Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) leader in conference championship attendance, the SWAC schools have some of the lowest athletic budgets in the FCS. They also don’t participate in FCS playoffs. So, not only is it difficult for the SWAC to compete with other FCS conferences on the financial playing field, the SWAC does not compete at all on the football field for the ultimate goal all athletic programs should strive for: a national championship.
There are even rumors of Alabama State and Jackson State looking for greener pastures in other conferences. The Clarion Ledger, a blog for Jackson State supporters, is inundated with comments from JSU faithful questioning why TSU would join the SWAC considering all the problems they’re having with the conference.

TSU would be out of its mind to leave the Ohio Valley Conference for the SWAC if we don’t get rid of the SCG[[SWAC Championship Game]]. TSU beat a couple of top NCAA Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) teams and is a few players away from being conference champs. Why leave that to go to a conference that can’t compete for the FCS national championship?

 If they have that bad of view of their own conference, why are we getting excited about joining? 



3 thoughts on “[Commentary] The SWAC offer

  1. TSU would have to be crazy to join the SWAC. If anything, TSU should be counting its pennies for a move to the FBS level. I’m sure the Sun Belt would take them. How about rivalry games with WKU and MTSU every year? If not FBS, then stay in the OVC, where it, and its fans, can afford to travel to the different game sites.

  2. This just speaks to the need for HBCU super conferences AND some major conference realignment. It makes no sense that TSU is not in an HBCU conference. In fact 50% of HBCUs are not in HBCU conferences. A realignment would help generously since HBCU alum can not often afford to travel the distances due to the lack of wealth. I have to agree that a major hold up of joining the SWAC is the SCG. I do not like it and I am a Prairie View alum. Unless we were willing to organize an HBCU playoff system of our own which I would be more for than even competing in the playoff system currently set up.

  3. – For the sake of decent sanity, do not join the swac. The swac has nothing to offer TSU, except resegreating TSU . Even some of the member students of swac scools, have voiced their opinions to TSU Alumni for us not to join a going no-where conference. Probably to most mis-managed and most mis-guided conference in all the NCAA. And for old TSU grads that want to see TSU be in the swac because they think their is riviraly with some schools, “yes, back in the day’s of Big John and Eddie Robinson”, those days have gone. If you think the swac brings in revenue, ask them to open the books and prove it! The commissioner want’s TSU, so that it can become another source of revenue. Also, I like the TSU playing for the chance to win a FBS Football Championship(s), the swac does not participate, only in some meanliness black college football championship, which no one outside even takes seriously. TSU should not regress backward.

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