[TSU Tiger Twin] Green sisters’ sights on Fillmore district

Melonie (left) and Melorra Green are working with city officials, arts organizations and merchants to renew the Fillmore and Western Addition neighborhoods. Photo: Russell Yip, The Chronicle / SF
by Ellen Lee
Updated 5:41 pm, Sunday, January 6, 2013 Sfgate.com

Melonie and Melorra Green were born just a minute apart 35 years ago in Memphis. They’ve been a united pair ever since.

The twin sisters seamlessly finish each other’s sentences. They back each other up effortlessly. And when they share a vision, they make things happen.

They have partnered since they were tots on endeavors from running lemonade stands to earning dual college degrees. In doing so, they have learned that together they can be greater than the sum of their dynamic individual parts.

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