TSU ranked 9th 2012′s Top 10 HBCU Endowments

From HBCUmoney.com: Take a look at how an endowment works. Not only scholarships to reduce the student debt burden but research, recruiting talented faculty & students, faculty salaries, and a host of other things can be paid for through a strong endowment. It ultimately is the lifeblood of a college or university to ensure its success generation after generation.

2012′s Top HBCU Endowments

This past year was a tough year for HBCU endowments. The top ten HBCU endowments saw a combined decline of $100 million dollars this past year while their top ten HWCU competitors saw an increase of $100 million. The $100 million comprises 0.07 percent of top ten HWCU endowments but comprises a staggering 7.0 percent of top ten HBCU endowments.

Endowment in millions (Investment Return)

1. Howard University

$460 712  (-12.0%)

2. Spelman College

$309 139 (-5.4%)

3. Hampton University 

$232 551 (-3.1%)

4. Meharry Medical College

$112 455 (4.6%)

5. Florida A&M University

$107 743 (-3.4%)

6. Morehouse School of Medicine

$66 925 (-8.2%)

7. Bethune Cookman University

$41 818 (-1.6%)

8. Texas Southern University

$37 962 (4.9%)

9. Tennessee State University

$37 987 (-0.6%)

10. Virginia State University

$33 290 (10.3%)




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