Gail Kerr: As TSU president, Glenda Baskin Glover has been good as gold

<b>TSU president Glenda Baskin Glover is determined to personally reach out to businesses and attend community events, to push Nashville to embrace the university as it never has.</b>

Feb. 24, 2013 1:20 AM,

Twelve-hour days. Seventeen speeches. Eleven receptions. More cold calls than she can count. And a personal check for $50,000 toward an unprecedented alumni fundraising goal.

In a nutshell, that’s Glenda Baskin Glover’s first 45 days as president of Tennessee State University.

She arrived at a Tennessean editorial board meeting wearing a crisp suit in the school colors: blue and white. Glover, a 1974 TSU alum, makes an engaging first impression. She says “it’s good to be back” in Nashville, and her smile shows she means it.

She is charming, and looks you in the eye. She listens well. She doesn’t resist answering hard questions. There’s not a hint of defensiveness, something TSU’s administrators have had in the past. She conveys a new day of openness.

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She’s raised $171,000 from alumni since Jan. 1, with a multi-year goal of $5 million. That’s unheard of: In all of 2012, TSU’s alumni donated $51,000.


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