[Community Outreach] TSU Tiger Tour Visits Brick Church Middle School


A host of Tennessee State UniversityTigers visited Brick Church Middle School in Nashville, TN, which featured the Aristocrat of Bands, TSU coaches, and students.

Brick Church Middle School is led by TSU alumnus, Chirelle Yvette Jefferson. According to Ms. Jefferson, the “TSU Tiger Tour goal was to promote health, wellness and academics.” They [TSU Athletics] wanted to reach out to young girls and inform them about female sports.”



More information on Ms. Jefferson


Ms. Jefferson has been the Executive Principal of Brick Church Middle School since 2008. Before taking the helm, she was Assistant Principal for two years. Ms. Jefferson prides herself for taking the time to mentor her students and teachers in addition to performing the increasing responsibilities of Principal.

During her tenure, Brick Church was awarded the USDA Healthier Silver School in 2011 and she had the honor of meeting the First Lady, Michelle Obama. In addition to her administrative experience at Brick Church, Ms. Jefferson has worked with Bridges USA as the Director of Future Builders; Assistant Principal with Yo! Academy School of Visual and Performing Arts; Theatre Arts Teacher at White Station High School in Memphis, TN; Memphis City Schools Coordinator of Theatre Professional Development and Arts ‘N Blues Camp Administrator; Memphis Staff Facilitator for the White House for a visit by President Clinton; Coordinator of theatre program and facilitator; English/ Drama Instructor; Theatre Arts Teacher.

Ms. Jefferson graduated from St. Cecilia Academy. She received her M.Ed. and B.S. from Tennessee State University. She will begin her Doctoral Studies at David Lipscomb University in 2012.

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