[Alum Spotlight] ‘State Farm’ of mind: Greg Milam finds success as insurance agent

Mar 2, 2013   |  jacksonsun.com

Selling insurance didn’t exactly appeal to Greg Milam.

In fact, State Farm Insurance had to contact Milam more than once to sell him on the idea before he began soliciting protection for someone’s health, life, home and automobile.

“I was happy where I was,” Milam said. “And I told State Farm I didn’t know anything about selling insurance.”

Milam was a national sales representative with Hunt-Wesson, a company commonly associated with tomato ketchup.

“I was with Hunt-Wesson, later bought out by Beatrice Foods, for 11 years, 1982 to 1993,” Milam said. “I thought I always wanted to own my own business and I was recruited by State Farm … scary but attractive.”


Mr. Milan graduated Tennessee State University in 1980. Please Check out the Video Below from the Jackson Sun : Video




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