[Alumni Spotlight] Cherly Luckett aka Dwell by Cheryl

Name: Cheryl L. Luckett
Class: Class of 1998
Occupation: Registered Dietitian/Interior Decorator
Hometown: Gulfport, Mississippi
Current city of Residence: Charlotte, NC

1) Why did you choose TSU?

Growing up with parents who were graduates of an HBCU, definitely influenced my decision. Although I didn’t want to attend their Alma Mater, I knew that I was destined to attend an HBCU.  The prospect of a USDA 1890 Scholarship helped to narrow the pool to a more manageable number, but one trip to TSU sealed the deal.

2) How did TSU prepare you for your current profession?

Honestly, I wasn’t thrilled at the time to be majoring in Family and Consumer Science (formerly Home Economics), but as life has since revealed to me, it was exactly where I needed to be.  My degree not only paved the way for me to become a Registered Dietitian but has now provided the foundational knowledge for my second career as an aspiring Interior Designer.  The opportunities to be an active part of the Student Government, a student athlete and the sisterhood experienced within Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. helped to develop my understanding and appreciating for leadership, self- disciple and civic responsibility.  Ultimately, I owe much of who I am today to my experiences at Tennessee State University.

3) What’s the best advice you received from a parent, grandparent, family member, mentor or friend? 

My grandfather used to always say “Keep on, keeping on.”  A simple statement, but one that at its root, is all about perseverance.  I think about that statement all the time when I’m discourage, overwhelmed or just feel like throwing in the towel.  My grandfather was a simple, but hard working man whose words of wisdom and fortitude live on in me.

4) Why do you love TSU?

I wouldn’t change my college experience for anything.  There was just something about TSU.  It was like we were family; the students, the professors, the coaches, the staff.  I felt like I was more than a Social Security number, even though I was asked for it a million times.  There was camaraderie, we were and still are a community of Tigers whose blood runs blue.


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