[Football Revenue] TV ratings better than ticket sales?

Photo from TSU Studios

The FBS football members know that TV revenue is greater than attendance revenue. Classics are based off the assumption that more butts in seats will come to a neutral location therefore generating revenue. The big boys now recognize that the butts in seats model won’t sustain athletics. The guaranteed TV revenue is more important. How should HBCUs adjust?

TV ratings begin to mean more money for schools than ticket revenue. Should FCS schools and other HBCUs rethink their strategy to gain revenue for sports?

That may be an extreme vision of the road that big-time college athletics is traveling. But do you really need 80,000 fans in your stadium if the broadcast-rights check from ESPN, Fox or another provider has already been cashed by your conference?

“Conference realignment is really driven by the cable TV structure and everybody needing to get a part of this pie,” said Richard Southall, associate professor of sports administration at UNC-Chapel Hill and director of the College Sport Research Institute. “The constant pressure on universities to generate that revenue from the media deals has fundamentally changed college sports.”


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