[Tigers Commanding the Sky] Fedex Pilot Gerry Dupree

This is furthermore reason why I was fascinated when I met FedEx pilot Gerry Dupree during last summer’s Olympics in London. This Tennessee native has been to over 75 different countries and has flown cargo ranging from standard parcels to live dolphins. Below I take a dive into his life and experiences as an African-American pilot.

1. How and when did you realize you wanted to be a pilot?

Dupree: I realized at a young age that I wanted a career in aviation. I did not know it would lead to a career in the cockpit, but like most young men, I was always fascinated about flying. I grew up near a small airport in Jackson, Tenn. and would spend hours looking at the planes as they flew by. 

2. After you realized you wanted to be a pilot, what steps did you have to take?

Dupree: I did not know anyone who flew or worked in aviation when I was in school. However, I was always good in school in math and science. So when I was fortunate enough to receive an academic scholarship to Tennessee State University, I majored in Aeronautics to pursue my love of aviation.








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