[Tiger Service] TSU Alum Alex Levesque Giving Gang Members A Future

Story from SouthTownStar a Chicago Sun Times Publication

Levesque started AMG in 2007 after he became fed up seeing so many young men just hanging around on Chicago street corners.

“For a year I said, ‘Somebody oughta do something,’” he recalled.

And then one day, he felt a tap on his shoulder.

“It was a tender something, asking ‘What about you?’” he said. “The voice said, ‘You’re into cars. Young men are only interested in two things, girls and cars, so why not you?’”

Levesque grew up in New Orleans. After earning a degree in architecture from Tennessee State University, he headed to Chicago where he worked for an architectural firm before realizing he really wanted to work on cars.

He quit his job, took courses in automotive restoration and opened his first shop in 1993. He and his wife, Brenda, live in Chicago’s Woodlawn community.

After his epiphany, Levesque began driving one of his many classic cars up to those corners.

“While the guys looked the car over, I’d tell them my story. I’d say I can teach you how to work on these cars,” he said.

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