[Where’s Grace] TSU Alum Candice Benbow on the Jason Collins and Chris Broussard Debate

Standing with Christ: Where’s Grace in the Jason Collins and Chris Broussard Debate?

by Candice Benbow


“I can identify with Jason Collins. I know what it is like to be told that your entire existence is sinful. Thirty one years ago, my mother was unmarried and pregnant. And, despite the urgings of clergy and other Christians, my mother refused to stand before a congregation and apologize for the circumstances that led to me. Though the church declared pre-marital sex sinful and scriptures were used to support that claim, my mother dared to believe that I was a gift from God. Not everyone shared her sentiment. Growing up, I was told of my mother’s sin. I heard sermons preached that people, who did what my mother did and did not ask forgiveness, would not go to Heaven. My mother had sinned, fallen short of the glory of God and defiantly refused to see my life as a consequence. I often wonder if the Church ever really thinks about the damage it does. Did anyone think how it would feel to be a child, learning about God, and hear that you would not be alive if your mother just obeyed God more? I’ve even wanted to ask former pastors if they thought about what it does to hear sermons sending your mother to Hell, despite her being one of the greatest examples of Christ’s love in the earth.”


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Candice Benbow is a 2004 graduate of Tennessee State University and is currently pursuing her PHD at Duke Divinity School in Theology/Theological Studies.

Please checkout her show Divine Dialogue, which seeks to promote discussion surrounding the social and religious issues impacting the African-American Community.


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