[World Class Tiger] Please Vote for Juanita Brown Ingram for Mrs. United Kingdom Universe

Please Checkout a video of Mrs. Juanita Brown Ingram speaking on her book “Winning with Christ”

Click Here to Vote

If you ask Juanita Ingram, Esq., she will tell you she is just an ordinary woman who has experienced some extraordinary blessings.  Originally from the USA, Mrs. Ingram has made the United Kingdom her home where she represents the contemporary global woman with grace, humility & style! A wife, mother of 2, attorney, author, international speaker, and community volunteer, Mrs. Ingram’s versatility and talent doesn’t stop.  This woman of substance has been making an impact around the world.   As Founder and President of the Happy To Be You organization, Juanita often serves as keynote speaker on topics of self esteem, goal setting, regaining stability after domestic abuse, and as a volunteer for several international organizations such as Dress For Success Worldwide, which focuses on providing the necessary resources to increase self sufficiency and confidence in women and youth.  She also serves as the Director of the Girls of Greatness UK, a program which assists young women to develop healthy levels of self esteem, embracing their unique qualities, accomplishing their dreams, and making a difference in this world. Click Here to Vote Mrs UK Universe 2013

Juanita Brown Ingram



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