Tennessee State University Would Benefit from Obama’s Proposed Education Plan


President Obama is touring the country promoting his new proposal for paying for college. The Department of Education is planning to develop a rating system for colleges that will help decide which students will receive additional aid from the government. Students attending the higher-ranked schools will be eligible for more tuition help. The rating system is comprised of the following three quantitative elements:

  • Accessibility. Are the colleges accessible to low-income students?
  • Affordability. Are the colleges inexpensive?
  • Outcomes. Are the students successful? Did they graduate?

TSU is ranked fourth on the list of schools that will benefit from the Obama’s new education plan that he has been promoting for paying for college.  As stated in the article, “You can attend TSU for $16,300 a year, and enjoy a $42,900 salary upon graduation. Eighty percent of students are on Pell Grants and 36% graduate.”

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