Over $480K raised to keep hundreds of TSU students in school



Tennessee State University made a major announcement in regard to saving students’ education Tuesday morning.

President Dr. Glenda Glover announced that no student will be purged from classes and have to leave the university due to outstanding balances.

The school raised $483,000 to help retain all TSU students this fall through a new initiative called S.O.S., or Save Our Students.

Glover launched the campaign over Labor Day weekend since more than 350 students were set to be purged because they couldn’t pay their tuition.

She said Tuesday that rising costs are the biggest issue of our time for higher education.

“I believed it was in our institution’s best interest to go public and ask for financial assistance,” she stated.

The money, which came from former students, the community and some local businesses, was raised in just six days.

Alumni contributed to 43% of the funds, just over $208,000. The corporate community contributed another $200,000, and $75,000 came from the TSU Foundation.

“This is our TSU. This is your TSU. This school belongs to all of us. So thank you, again, for this tremendous achievement. It could not happen without you,” Glover said to the crowd.

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