[Stadium Journey] Review of the TSU Tigers playing at LP Field

Field View

The site stadium journey reviews all or most home game environments from various sports. Below is a review of one our home games at LP field. Obviously from the picture, it is one of our OVC games that wasn’t HC. The review gave us a 3.1 out of 5 stars.



To truly understand how good this atmosphere could be, you have to see TSU play at what locals and TSU alumni over age 35 call “The Hole.” Hale Stadium was the home to the Tigers before moving home games to where the Titans play eight Sundays a year in 1999.

A review on Hale Stadium will be on the horizon. After TSU renovated The Hole in 2012, the team began playing some of its home games there again, giving the Tigers a decided home-field advantage. I write all that to say this — TSU has a great alumni base and they will attend games faithfully. The problem is that a decent FCS crowd of 6,412 becomes scattered mumbles and grumblings in a cavernous NFL stadium, compared to 6,412 fans inside a 10,000-seat capacity facility. If you want to do the easy math, on an overcast day with intermittent showers, The Hole is roughly 60 percent full, while at LP Field, it’s roughly 10 percent full. In other words, playing at LP Field is, for all intents and purposes, an absolute atmosphere killer.

With that being said, TSU’s Aristocrat of Bands gives the Atmosphere score a one-star boost. The pomp and circumstance — from entrance into the stadium to the halftime show as well as the in-game tunes — gives this group of musicians a rock star presence, which makes it clear why many fans talk about halftime then discuss plays made in the game.

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