Potential Basketball Candidates for HC at Tennessee State University

I do want to thank Coach Williams for his service at TSU. A lot of great and exciting things happened while he was present. Things didn’t work out so now it is time to move on…

In no particular order, here are some coaching candidates that TSU hopefully will receive interest from. Some of the candidates below were mentioned when the job  was open two years ago.

Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson, Assistant at Butler University.  Mr. Johnson has been at Butler University since 2007. The Bulldogs have risen from a good mid major program to a national powerhouse. Mr. Johnson handles “recruiting, individual skills instruction, on-court coaching and game preparation responsibilities.”  These are all things TSU needs to move our program forward.

Brian Collins

Brian Collins, Head Coach Columbia State Community College. Mr. Collins is a native of Nashville, TN and played collegiate ball at OVC rival Belmont University. He served 3 years as an assistant coach at Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN before taking over at Columbia State Community College.  Coach Collins has transformed Columbia State to a national power.

Corey Williams

Corey Williams, Assistant Coach at Florida State University. Mr. Williams, former NBA player has played an integral part in raising the Men’s basketball program at Florida State University program. He is an excellent recruiter.

Scott Monarch

Scott Monarch, Assistant at North Texas University.  Mr. Monarch, a Mississippi Valley State University alum, who has coaching experience in the HBCU ranks (former TSU assistant), juco ranks, and major college basketball.


Horace Broadnax, Head Coach at Savannah State University. Mr. Broadnax, also the former HC at Bethune Cookman, has had several years of turning around struggling HBCU programs.

Chris Moore. Assistant Coach at Wright State University. Mr. Moore is a Kentucky State alum and a former coach at Morehead State in 2009 during their OVC title run. He has over 20 years experience in coaching.

Dana Ford

Dana Ford. Head Associate at Illinois State University. Mr. Ford is a former TSU assistant under John Cooper. He was instrumental in developing our Chicago, Illinois pipeline that brought in Robert Covington.

5 thoughts on “Potential Basketball Candidates for HC at Tennessee State University

  1. There is no school named Lebanon University. The school is called Cumberland University. Collins is nowhere near experienced enough to run a rebuilding D-1 program. The man TSU should hire is Mr. Jessie Evans. Evans was a very successful HC at LA Lafayette, taking them to 2 NCAA tourneys. He was also Lute Olsons top assistant at Arizona in the late 80’s and 90’s. He was the chief recruiter for Lute and they won the National Title in 1997. He has recruited over 25 players that have played in the NBA, 15 while at Arizona, including guys like: Mike Bibby, Jason Terry (still playing), Damon Stoudaimer, Khalid Rheeves, Miles Simon, etc. He has also been an assistant in the Big 10, OVC, and former Big 8 conference. He has also been a head coach in the original CBA, and a high school coach in talent rich Flint. Michigan. He has national recruiting ties, and would have TSU back to winning by his 3rd season. This is a major rebuilding job,not suitable for a rookie D1 head coach.

    Whoever is hired needs to hire an assistant with Memphis ties. TSU is geographically located within 4 hours of several recruiting hotbeads. You have to get the talent, and you need a staff that will bust their butts to get it.

    Evans would be a great hire for TSU!

    • I do like Brian Collins for this position. You would have to hire some experienced assistants, but he already has those local and Memphis ties that we need. I don’t think Mr. Evans is a good fit. He recently didn’t so well at San Fran. I agree that this is a rebuilding job. I think going for a younger coach would be more suitable at this time for TSU. The search firm found a great Coach before, I am sure that they would find another one. The person has to understand that history of TSU, its rich basketball legacy, history as an HBCU, and the leadership skills to help our program grow.

  2. Evans has recruited 25 NBA players. Let me know when Collins gets his first. All of Collins experience is at the NON-D1 level He is nowhere near ready for a rebuilding job of this magnitude. This is not a job for a newbie. Butler has seen better days. They were exposed by the Big East.

    And if you don’t like Evans for the job, take a look at Happy Osborne. Happy reached 400 wins faster than any coach at any level of college basketball coaching.

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