Dwight Lewis Doesn’t Like the 2014 Football Schedule

In case you have been sleeping underneath a rock and might not be familiar with Dwight Lewis. He is a retired Tennessean sports and the author of the book, “The Will to Win.”

He literally wrote the book on TSU Athletics.

He went to Twitter to offer his views on the 2014 Tennessee State University Football Schedule





4 thoughts on “Dwight Lewis Doesn’t Like the 2014 Football Schedule

  1. Well, wow… I can’t say anything about the other tweets, but in regards to the stadium, maybe they are tired of playing to a near empty stadium at L.P. Field.. Also, MAYBE, if the alumni donated more funds to the University, we could put MORE money into the renovations of Hale Stadium that would be more appeasing to people.. We can NEVER please anyone…

    • I see his tweets more about complaining about the direction. We moved to LP field in 98-99 when we were hot and attendance was growing. We are now growing backwards and have done nothing to market the program.

  2. While EWC is a convenient opponent for TSU and the JMC, it illustrates EWC’s commitment to becoming a better program. The current coach is Bethune’s former head coach and helped bring that program along. EWC also makes since giving Reed’s Florida connection. Easy win, big payday. Win win situation on both ends.

    Oh yeah, I actually like the idea of the games in the Hole. Bring the students back to the game; make it a campus event. Nobody like playing in front of 30-40k worth of empty seats. I was privy to the view from the sideline during James Webster’s first year. The OVC doesn’t travel, so why have this big CAVERNOUS place to play in. Come back, get some more students and alums to come back, make the money to fix the bathrooms and lets go forward. There are things to be proud of about the TSU football program. Bring the games home to show them off.

    • Your home attendance is never based off other teams. Yo have to fill your own stadium with your fans. We had 42K for our first HC game vs Tenn Tech. That was even more than our 100th HC game. The stadium nor the OVC is the issue. It is a cop out for dealing with the real issues on why our Athletics program is growing.

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