FAMU Rejected TSU Offers For Band Travel

As the back the forth continues between FAMU and TSU, we learn more about previous deals that were rejected. 

“We extended two offers to you to assist with FAMU band travel. These were: (1) TSU would pay the $60,000 cost for the FAMU band to travel to TSU this year, and FAMU would, in return, pay the same amount for the TSU band to travel to FAMU next year; or (2) TSU would extend a loan to FAMU in the amount of $30,000 to be paid back over the course of the 2014-2015 academic year.

“You declined both offers. Instead, you made an absolutely one-sided offer and stated that FAMU could not afford to come to TSU, and that TSU had to pay all expenses for FAMU to travel to Nashville this year. You further stated that even if TSU paid the expenses this year, FAMU could not reciprocate and pay for TSU to travel to Tallahassee next year.”

Next year’s game will be the last in a four-game contract between the two programs, whose longtime rivalry began in 1944.

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One thought on “FAMU Rejected TSU Offers For Band Travel

  1. This ENTIRE story about FAMU needing money is ludicrous! It is a well-known fact among HBCU’s that the pockets of FAMU’s alumni (especially the band alum) run DEEP! They are NOT hurting for money regarding traveling to Nashville! The request for monetary backing of the trip to Nashville is merely their unsophisticated, uncouth, and certainly UNFRIENDLY way of letting TSU know that they do NOT want to come to Nashville! While I appreciate Dr. Glover’s extension of kindness to FAMU’s president, it is very clear that she (Mangrum) wants to be childish and create falsehoods about TSU’s stance on the matter. And how about the malarkey from FAMU’s vice president (Miller) stating that FAMU’s president is too BUSY to read Dr. Glover’s messages? So why don’t YOU Jimmy, TELL Mangrum what Dr. Glover has written? Or is she too BUSY to LISTEN also? FAMU, you all are so classless and so VERY tacky. Dr. Glover, how about this: Just let FAMU’s band stay down there in Florida and let the Aristocrats handle the halftime Homecoming show? Sure, it would be nice for the city of Nashville to host and benefit financially from such a grand match-up of HBCU’s, but TSU has made a bad mistake in this particular selection of opponents. Perhaps a better replacement of FAMU is in TSU’s future.

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