A Tribute to Dr. James H. Hefner


TSU Family,

Dr Hefner has passed away. In honor of him 28th and Jefferson wants to collect grand memories of his time at Tennessee State University. Each entry will be added to this page.

Josh Jones:

During my time at TSU, Dr. Hefner made it a point to stop and speak to me when the opportunity presented itself.

One day during spring semester on my sophomore, Dr. Hefner stopped and asked me if I had an internship lined up for the summer.  I told him that I did not have one, but I was still looking.

Two weeks later, Dr. Hefner’s assistant calls my dorm room and asks me to come in for a meeting.

Later that day, I strolled into his office, thinking I had done something wrong (I was usually under fire for being outspoken on the campus radio station).  To my surprise, Dr. Hefner has lined-up an internship for me, in my hometown, with a well-known advertising agency.
Dr. Hefner took the time to get to know me, my plans, my dreams; his influence will be felt on the trajectory of my life until it is my time to be called home.

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