A Group of TSU Alumni Spearhead The Fatherhood Impact


Cory Beal, Dereck Hampton, Marcos Harris, Jamal Hutchinson, Johnnie King, III, Byron Turner and Damani all live in Nashville and have been friends since their college days at Tennessee State University in the early 1990s. Damani, father to a 6, 7 and 16 year old, understands how important it is to stay active with his sons. The seven men are “Uncles” to each others’ children, remaining deeply entrenched in all of the children’s lives, not just their own. They hope to spread a message that involved fathers can make a big difference in children’s lives and hopefully reframe the image of black fathers in particular that is projected to the wider community.

“Not only were the pictures taken to dispel the negative images and conversations surrounding black men and their children but we are all part of the Fatherhood Impact Movement. It is our hope that it catches on. Honestly I don’t know any men that aren’t present in the lives of their children. Our group, along with many other positive males, can impact our children’s lives in so many ways. And maybe influence men who aren’t as active as they should be,” said Damani Maynie.

Fatherhood Impact is a component of Rekindled Dreams. Their goal is to promote Fatherhood, provide resources, and encourage men to be active fathers. For more information, follow their Facebook page: https://facebook.com/fatherhoodimpact.

Story and Photo Credit by Keith Layden


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