Keys To Overcome Duke


Image result for Duke cameron indoor

TSU Men’s face their biggest challenge in quite some time playing and they have to do it in the famed Cameron Indoor. Here a few things TSU must overcome to even hang around with Duke.

Keep those Cameron Crazies Quiet

Probably the most intimidating bunch of folks. I am sure they will make a whole bunch jokes about our team.

Make Outside Shots

TSU Men currently average 37% from 3 point land. Delano Spencer and Darreon Reddick are going to need to have a great shooting night to keep us close. We average 71 points per game. That won’t be enough. Our bigs also need to make a few base line jumpers to open up the driving lanes for the guards.

Limit Turnovers

This probably the biggest concern going into this game. We average 15 TO a game. We can’t let them have extra scoring opportunities.

Easy Transition Baskets

We need to make sure we are getting a few easy baskets. Many of our shots are highly contested, which is evident by our low field goal percentage. Let’s get a few rebounds and a few steals and get the ball up the court quickly for easy scores. We will need it because Duke is a very good defensive team as well.





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